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Waterproof Connector

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JST’s JIA (Waterproof) Connector offers stable and robust connectivity in hostile and challenging automotive environments. Primarily developed for ECU and TCU applications, in line with automotive OEM exacting requirements, this connector typifies JST’s design and innovation excellence.


  • Water and Dust Protection
    A Mat seal approach is incorporated to facilitate connector assembly and workability.
  • TPA (Terminal Position Assurance)
    Ensures that the terminal is fully seated in the housing.
  • Mechanical Assistance Lever
    The lever mechanism is adopted to decrease the insertion force when mating male and female halves.

01 - Connection Type: Automotive
02 - Product Type: Wire to Board Crimp style Connectors
04 - Current rating: 15A AC,DC
05 - Voltage rating: 14V AC,DC
06 - Temperature range: -40 to +120 Degrees Celsius
07 - Available number of circuits: 58, 74
13 - PCB Mount Style: Through-hole Technology (THT)

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